Wouldn’t It Be Lovely…..

Rather different for me to blog about such a subject but it’s been on my mind and watching classic old movies in bed when feeling sorry for myself hasn’t helped.

Why can’t life and especially love, be more like it was in old movies? You know when the complications didn’t matter when it came to falling in love? When a kiss meant marriage – not that I’m all for that but the whole idea of seeing someone and instantly knowing you are going to marry them. It never mattered that if  one of the main characters was attracted to someone else as soon as the other main character enters you just know they will end up together. Why can’t it be like that nowadays? Does this still happen or am I being too cynical and bitter about the whole luuuuuurve thing?! Why do we have to contend with women generally being perceived as pushy in relationships and wanting more committment than men or even before that stage when you like someone but you don’t know if they like you etc etc.

Take one of my favouritest films in the world, Calamity Jane, my cousin and I went through a stage of watching this movie EVERY single day for about 4 months. Even now if I’m ill it’s still my go-to movie to make me feel better. For those unfortunate souls who have never seen the film (why not?? you deprived person you) Doris Day plays a tomboy who thinks she loves some lieutenant, eventually she realises she’s actually in love with local bad ass who constantly winds her up. She then sings a soppy love song (which by the way I still know all the words to), they kiss then get married.

Singing her soppy love song

In My Fair Lady after the Ascot scene where Eliza Doolittle attempts to act as a lady, some poor schmuck is so besotted with her after meeting her for the first time he stands outside her house singing a ballad. I’m not for one second suggesting I would like a random man to do this for me, I’d be more likely to call the police and get him ASBO’d but you catch my drift. Where has the romance gone??? Am I silly for wanting t believe a love like that exists?? I know these are examples from movies but surely somewhere out there some guy is eager to demonstrate his love to a woman in such a heartfelt way??

Have these films damaged my belief and view of love?

Should I just embrace the current dating etiquette?

Am I just being a romantic fool who has clearly watched too many old films recently?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Oooh and I promise normal service to the blog will resume shortly!


2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t It Be Lovely…..

  1. In my opinion, women’s sexual revolution has ended that era of a man striving to win a woman’s affection. I think that everything is so casual anymore, that men don’t really have to try to impress or woo a woman. I think that in the day when women waited until they got married, men really had to work hard to get that special lady to fall in love with them. And…in order to get them in the sack, she had to have a ring on her finger! It is sad. I don’t think you are alone in your feelings. I think most (obviously, not all) woman really want a man to be head over heels over her. There are men out there like that, but I think they are just hard to find. Good luck in your quest for that ‘Old Hollywood’ kind of guy!

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