It’s been a while……


Am I the only person not overly enamoured with the brand? I think so.

As a teenager I used to live in their Moto jeans but the older I got the less I liked the products. Even now going into the store I feel I shouldn’t be there, their sizing is crazy so hardly anything fits me and I’ve never really dressed as one of the “cool kids”. It seems to me that Phillip Green has told the manufacturers to make sure no one over a C cup can fit into the clothing! Plus the fact there the brand almost seems over exposed now. You can’t pick up a magazine these days without it featuring at least half a dozen Topshop items or see celebs (usually Olivia Palermo) wearing their clothing.

The pricing seems a bit expensive for a high street brand where the pieces in some of the collections can reach up to £200.

I’m not denying that the brand is a high street staple and they sure are quick off the mark with designer lookalikeys (neon denim a la Christopher Kane for J Brand Jeans anyone???) but for me personally I feel quite alienated from the products due to my size. In a country where the average dress size for a woman is a 14/16 why should I spend my hard earned cash on their accessories if I can’t fit into their clothing?

Recently I’ve come to tolerate Topshop a bit more. Not their actual stores, heaven forbid if another snotty size 6 sales assistant sneers at me one more time for asking if they have a garment in a size 16, but their website always shows the nicer products. I, of course, realise that not all of the sales staff in the stores are like this but the ones I have encountered have given me such awful customer service that their shocking behaviour has tainted the brand to me.

So until I work up the courage and lose enough weight to shop in the actual stores I’ll stick to looking around but not ordering from the website.

Give me H&M anyday.


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