The Fun Side Of Fashion

“In difficult times fashion is always outrageous.”
Elsa Schiaparelli

Fashion. Trends. Fads. Style.

The ever-changing world of fashion is fast paced to say the least. Accelerated, energetic and cut-throat the ever competitive side of fashion is ruthless. Designers strive to have hit collections season after season along with Resort collections and diffusion lines. Expanding businesses with more and more products, having celebrity endorsements. Bloggers aiming higher and higher, many collaborating with designers and launching their own products, scoring tickets to all the big name fashion shows. Comments, followers, stats – it’s all about the numbers.

But what happens when all that seriousness, that formalness gets too much? We seem to forget that fashion should be fun.

Designers use inspiration from the past all the time. Newest collections from New York Fashion Week have seen nods to the fun-filled fashions of the 60s. As wells as brights, prints and motifs.

Betsey Johnson, L.A.M.B, Jeremy Scott and Milly are just a few of the designers upping the fun factor in fashion this season.


Betsey Johnson


Jeremy Scott

Norma Kamali

Whilst I can NEVER see myself wearing head-to-toe Bart Simpson clothes am pretty sure the celebrities below would certainly entertain the notion!

Marina Diamandis

Not afraid of wacky prints or zany accessories, Marina dresses for herself and is part of the “cool crew”

Nicki Minaj

The wigs, booty and clothes all make up the mega star that is Nicki Minaj. Love her or hate her, the bold clothing sure makes an impact.

Jessie J

Girl of the moment Jessie J has the voice and the style and isn’t afraid to take risks.


The most provocative of this lot RiRi isn’t afraid to flaunt her body in daring shapes and clashing textures.

Katy Perry

Less costumey than usual the former Mrs Brand still stands out from the crowd in super brights. I especially love the Charlotte Olympia “Keyboard” shoes!

Whilst my own personal style is a thousand times more demure than the images I’ve shown I am grateful for the fun side of fashion.

What do you think of wacky designer creations?


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