My Own Kind Of Vintage

Clothing 20 years old or older is generally classed as vintage. I, however, have one particular dress in my wardrobe I term as “vintage”. I’ve owned said dress for almost a decade now which in wardrobe years is about 50 years old. I think at one point I knew about 8 people who owned the same dress.

Me in THAT dress

First time I ever wore this was for my engagement party (yeah cos that relationship totally worked out right enough!). This was taken early 2005 around the time that EVERYONE seemed to be buying Jane Norman products. FYI I can’t get over how slim I was here, I remember thinking I looked like a total heifer in this then. Touch of body dismorphia perhaps??

I'm such a classy burd

Oh My Word! If I felt fat in the dress before whatever possessed me to wear it then when I’m about 4 stone heavier?! This was 2006 (I think) and in my heyday of being a bar manager hence the mega fatness and muchos alcohol!

The third and final time I wore this was February last year for an ex friend’s birthday. I deliberated for ages over wearing the dress or not but considering it had sat in the back of my closet for a fair few years I decided to give it an airing and am SO pleased I did. I finally felt confident wearing the dress and knew that there wasn’t any chance of anybody else sporting the same ensemble in the club!

So the dress may make another appearance in a few years time but one things for sure I WILL be keeping a hold of this until I can properly claim it as vintage.

Do you have any items that get wheeled out every now and again??


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