Hair Envy

Throughout the years I have experimented with many different hair colours – some nice, some not so nice. It all started in my last year of primary school, during the October break my mum said I could colour my hair with one of the Wella colour Mousses (remember them???) I chose a damson colour to cover the mousey brown inherited from my dad. The colour was only supposed to last a few washes, unfortunately it turned my hair bright purple and wouldn’t wash out! My bizarre hair colour was frowned upon at school and only after a few months did it die down to a dodgy pink shade and I was able to cover it with a more natural shade. This wasn’t my only hair disaster, I’ve also had dyed blonde hair that turned a rather disturbing khaki shade after swimming too much one summer, bottle blonde hair and chlorine = green hair. And no, tomato ketchup does NOT tone it down. Some hair cuts have also left me in tears – layers too short to do anything with, during a particularly tomboyish phase I also had a horrendously short do, paired with the Adidas tracksuit bottoms and trainers needless to say I did actually look like a boy. Not my finest moment it has to be said.

My mum has gazillions of photos documenting my dodgy barnet over the years but I don’t have a scanner so can’t get the photos onto my laptop. Am sure there is an easy way but as I’ve previously mentioned am not very good when it comes to technical stuffs. As a small child I was also blessed with the most awful (and this most be said in a broad Weedgie accent) coo’s lick.

My hair didn’t stay this colour for very long, it quickly turned to the afore-mentioned mousey brown. I also inherited fine, almost baby like hair from my Dad’s side of the family unlike my sister who was ridiculously thick tresses – COW! My (almost) life long battle against fine, thinning hair has led me to try a ludicrous amount of hair plumping products.

My current favourite is the Fat Hair range.

I use the shampoo, conditioner, thickening spray, root lifter and hair spray. More often that not I also use dry shampoo for a bit more body as well and I still feel my hair isn’t big enough.

As for hair colour mines is what can only be described as Bronde but I’m a bit bored with this and fancy a change.

Excuse the dippit facial expression!

The person who gives me the most hair envy is Alice Levine, the TV presenter who can usually be seen on Big Brothers Bits On The Side.

I think the shade of her hair is lovely and being a fellow pale skinned ghost  person I can see myself rocking this look.

It looks so shiny!

In the past my hair has leant toward the ginger side but never a shade as luscious as this. The only thing worrying me is that Alice is thin and edgy. I am NOT. Do I really have the balls  guts to sport this vibrant ginger hue??? Or should I wait until I lose a fair amount of lbs??? If I receive enough encouragement I may just take the plunge!


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