Tulisa Through The Ages

2 words. Pink. Feathers

Who am I talking about? Tulisa at last nights National Television Awards of course.

There is currently no word on who designed her dress which is hardly surprising considering how many people are taking the piss outta her for wearing what appears to be a flamingo outfit. Having said that, all publicity = good publicity right??? Remember when the general population laughed at Chezza in her David Koma get up during her stint on the XFactor, well it was David Koma who got the last laugh – sales of his designer pieces soared.

So following Tulisa’s fashion boob at last nights awards ceremony I’ve trawled the internet to bring you the good and the bad of Tulisa’s sartorial choices.

The Good

Tulisa accessorizes well with the gorgeous cuffs and the dress shows her newly toned physique

An image from the fashion spread for Look magazine, she looks sophisticated here.

Oh how I wish this Bruce Oldfield dress was mine! Lusting after the shoes too.

I have hair envy! No matter how many attempts I make I still cannot get my hair into a half decent fishtail plait.

Quite a daring choice but she pulls it off well. The simple hair do and make up allow this dress to take centre stage.

Looking like the girl next door, this is a very youthful look on Tulisa.

Not a huge fan of her hair style but kudos for the colour clash.

Fun and flirty this dress could have erred on the tacky side but minimal accessories keep it looking stylish.

Another cute everyday look.

The Bad

Yup celebs are allowed a day off just as much as the next person but what really irks me here, besides the awful earrings and Uggs, is the proud manner in which she’s posing! If I was papped wearing this I’d be running.

A whole lotta wrong. And at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out as well.

Dressing up as Malibu Barbie???

The corsetting details cheapen the dress in my opinion.

Bet she thought she looked cool.

The skirt I actually don’t mind but the rest of the outfit is making me shudder.

Going OTT at the launch of her perfume. Tacky much??

It would be just too easy to wheel out old photos of Tulisa from her chavvy N Dubz days but don’t we all have fashion nightmares lurking in our past. Be it chavvy, goth or nerdy NOBODIES teenage years are ever fashion savvy. To me Tulisa embodies the girl next door. A bit of a tomboy growing up, she hits her stride in her early 20s and blossoms into a stylish beautiful woman. Don’t get me wrong she still has mishaps with the fake tan but it’s all happened to us at one time or another. Despite the massive attention following her XFactor mentoring debut Tulisa still appears to be the same down to earth chick she’s always been and she’s not afraid to laugh at herself, there’s something very refreshing about that.

What are your thoughts? Do you love her or loathe her??


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