Etsy Pick Of The Week

I’ve been a big fan of minusOne on Etsy for a while now and adore the quirky jewellery.

Jen, who handmakes all of these lovely pieces, encourages people to shop Etsy, support home made and buy all the vintage they can. A sentiment I think we should all strive to achieve!


The prices are about the same as Topshop prices but you’ve much less chance of seeing someone else with the same piece of jewellery as you. As with most of the goods on Etsy the prices can seem a bit odd – £22.44 but this is due to Etsy changing the prices from dollars to pounds.


Would add a focal point to any minimal outfit.


Very unusual, would add the quirk factor to any outfit.


I LOVE this! The copper makes a pleasant change from the usual metals used for jewellery.


The roundness of this cameo ring makes it standout.

All of the goodies from minusOne are delivered in environmentally friendly, cute boxes

Please check out Jen’s Etsy shop minusOne if you are after unique well made jewellery.

*As always these are my own views and this is NOT a sponsored post.


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