1st Post This Year!

Hope everyone had a fantastical Christmas and drunken New Year!

I was spoilt as usual and rather inebriated (just for a wee change)

This post is gonna be a tiny bit different from usual. I wanna put down my new year’s resolutions in the hope that if they are public I’m more likely to stick to them. I don’t usually bother with resolutions but feel like my life is so shit just now that I’m determined to change it.

So here we go:

  • Lose 2 stone – I’ve put on 2 stone in about 6 months and as a result my self-esteem has hit an all time low. Below is a photo of me in March where I felt really happy with my body image and shape, I wanna get back to looking like this. I’m not stick thin but was really happy within myself and that’s all that counts! This isn’t the fattest I’ve ever been but I managed to lose the weight before fairly unintentionally but not very healthily due to partying all the time and being too hungover to eat. I wanna do it properly and healthily this time which means less take aways and more walking.

Carla (in blue) and Me

  • Find a job I love – I’m currently not working and haven’t been since August when I left my job as Assistant Manager in Peacocks following a grievance with my manager. Perhaps wasn’t my smartest move to leave without having another job lined up but I felt I had to leave before I punched my manager in the face! Since then I’ve been on a few interviews and even 2nd interviews but always get beaten at the last moment. It’s just so hard out there at the moment – there’s a gazillion people competing for the same position. I may have been disheartened but this is the year I WILL find my ideal career! I want to work for a company where I will be challenged and feel rewarded, preferably in a management position in fashion retail.
  • Don’t stand for anymore crap from so-called friends – My eyes have been well and truly opened about the behaviours and attitudes of some people I had previously classed as friends. I’m done with wasting time over stressing about these people – am changing my life and don’t have space to deal with their petty issues. If they want to be a part of my life then let them make the effort for a change.
  • Stop being attracted to inappropriate men/go out on at least 1 date! Pretty much as the “friends” that waste my time I’m also over inappropriate men and listening to their chat. I’m sick of men with girlfriends chatting me up and expecting me to be their bit on the side, I value myself more than that. I always wanted to be married by the age of 30 but that’s obviously not gonna happen now but I do want to meet someone that restores my faith in men! Also I never ever go out on dates with people (aside from 1 horrific blind date) so I’d like to change that this year too. Just to cheer myself up I thought I’d post some pics of rather handsome men


  • Make my house a home – I moved into my flat in March and it was an unfurnished party flat, my cousin and I were too busy getting pissed up to buy home furnishings. Then I had the pikey flatmates move in and they just wrecked the entire place so it was pointless trying to make the place look pretty with them there. I’m currently flatmateless so I am going to work on making my house lovely on a (very tight) budget. I already have some pretty little knick knacks I have scattered around like the ones below 
  • Widen my circle of friends – I often make the mistake of telling my life story to too many people but now realise not all my friends are gonna be suitable for every occasion/all my needs. As a bonus I’d have a better chance of finding a boyfriend if I made more friends too!
  • Improve my brain – My memory is progressively becoming worse with age and I think it’s because I’m not studying or really using it properly! Since I’m not working now is the ideal time to partake in a long distance study course but the problem is which one???? Perhaps I should do a computing module so I can make the next resolution easier for myself
  • Make this blog bigger and better – I previously had a blog but didn’t post very often and I don’t want this to become the case here, I genuinely like blogging and reading others blogs. The only problem is I’m not very technical-minded! However I will try my hardest to post regularly and with decent content.

So that’s my resolutions, I’d love to achieve all of them but realistically would be happy with completing half.

What’s yours??


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