Tulisa Through The Ages

2 words. Pink. Feathers

Who am I talking about? Tulisa at last nights National Television Awards of course.

There is currently no word on who designed her dress which is hardly surprising considering how many people are taking the piss outta her for wearing what appears to be a flamingo outfit. Having said that, all publicity = good publicity right??? Remember when the general population laughed at Chezza in her David Koma get up during her stint on the XFactor, well it was David Koma who got the last laugh – sales of his designer pieces soared.

So following Tulisa’s fashion boob at last nights awards ceremony I’ve trawled the internet to bring you the good and the bad of Tulisa’s sartorial choices.

The Good

Tulisa accessorizes well with the gorgeous cuffs and the dress shows her newly toned physique

An image from the fashion spread for Look magazine, she looks sophisticated here.

Oh how I wish this Bruce Oldfield dress was mine! Lusting after the shoes too.

I have hair envy! No matter how many attempts I make I still cannot get my hair into a half decent fishtail plait.

Quite a daring choice but she pulls it off well. The simple hair do and make up allow this dress to take centre stage.

Looking like the girl next door, this is a very youthful look on Tulisa.

Not a huge fan of her hair style but kudos for the colour clash.

Fun and flirty this dress could have erred on the tacky side but minimal accessories keep it looking stylish.

Another cute everyday look.

The Bad

Yup celebs are allowed a day off just as much as the next person but what really irks me here, besides the awful earrings and Uggs, is the proud manner in which she’s posing! If I was papped wearing this I’d be running.

A whole lotta wrong. And at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out as well.

Dressing up as Malibu Barbie???

The corsetting details cheapen the dress in my opinion.

Bet she thought she looked cool.

The skirt I actually don’t mind but the rest of the outfit is making me shudder.

Going OTT at the launch of her perfume. Tacky much??

It would be just too easy to wheel out old photos of Tulisa from her chavvy N Dubz days but don’t we all have fashion nightmares lurking in our past. Be it chavvy, goth or nerdy NOBODIES teenage years are ever fashion savvy. To me Tulisa embodies the girl next door. A bit of a tomboy growing up, she hits her stride in her early 20s and blossoms into a stylish beautiful woman. Don’t get me wrong she still has mishaps with the fake tan but it’s all happened to us at one time or another. Despite the massive attention following her XFactor mentoring debut Tulisa still appears to be the same down to earth chick she’s always been and she’s not afraid to laugh at herself, there’s something very refreshing about that.

What are your thoughts? Do you love her or loathe her??

Etsy Pick Of The Week

I’ve been a big fan of minusOne on Etsy for a while now and adore the quirky jewellery.

Jen, who handmakes all of these lovely pieces, encourages people to shop Etsy, support home made and buy all the vintage they can. A sentiment I think we should all strive to achieve!


The prices are about the same as Topshop prices but you’ve much less chance of seeing someone else with the same piece of jewellery as you. As with most of the goods on Etsy the prices can seem a bit odd – £22.44 but this is due to Etsy changing the prices from dollars to pounds.


Would add a focal point to any minimal outfit.


Very unusual, would add the quirk factor to any outfit.


I LOVE this! The copper makes a pleasant change from the usual metals used for jewellery.


The roundness of this cameo ring makes it standout.

All of the goodies from minusOne are delivered in environmentally friendly, cute boxes

Please check out Jen’s Etsy shop minusOne if you are after unique well made jewellery.

*As always these are my own views and this is NOT a sponsored post.

Shoe Update!

Jeffrey Campbell £53.10

I came across these on the Sarenza website and they are the same style but different colour of the ones I featured here. As soon as I have some spare pennies I shall be purchasing these for the following reasons:

  1. They are an animal print and I think everybody who regularly reads this blog will know by now just how much I adore animal print accessories.
  2. The loafer shape will keep my tootsies warmer than normal ballet pumps.
  3. The colour means they’d work with the majority of things in my existing wardrobe.
  4. They’ll look great when I mix them with other animal print accessories. Am thinking my zebra print scarf and leopard print belt.
  5. GREAT value for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes!
  6. They are flat so I can still look stylish whilst out walking.

Sarenza are currently running a competition for a fashion blogger to become their new Sarenza Ambassador. After seeing how lucky Tor from Fabfrocks and Jen from A Little Bird Told Me are and the wonderful shoes they get to review on their blogs, I want me a piece of this!

I can happily spend several hours on the Sarenza website imagining how prettiful I could look if I had the money to buy ALL the shoes I want! And I’m pretty sure I’d be very popular with my friends and family wanting to borrow my shoes if I was lucky enough to become a Sarenza Ambassador.

Everybody get crossing your fingers for me please!

Gaps To Fill

Having cleared 6 bin bags of unwanted old clothes from my wardrobe today I have spent the rest of today looking at new items I’d love to buy! This isn’t at all productive because 1. I really should do a proper wardrobe assessment and 2. I have no money to spend on clothes this month! One thing I have found out is that although I very rarely wear jeans I do actually have 4 pairs but they are all very samey. I don’t feel very dressed up wearing jeans even with heels and a nice top and I always worry about muffin top.

However a pretty pastel or coloured pair may just change my mind.

Villa (via Nelly) £34.95

Dorothy Perkins £25

H! By Henry Holland £30

Love the shade of these in the picture. Can imagine pairing them with a lemon tee and maybe some duck egg coloured accessories.

Annoyingly all the pretty pastel ASOS jeans are in petite length.

I remember being in my last year of primary school and having loads of coloured jeans. Back in the day you were a nobody if you didn’t own at least 1 pair of Benetton jeans, luckily for me my wonderful Momma also used to buy me Calvin Klein jeans so I was a rainbow of coloured denim!

Coloured denim has made a well needed return to women’s wardrobes and am sure it’ll be around for a while yet especially with Christopher Kane for J Brand Jeans and their bright numbers.

This really reminds me of my youth!

 Apart from some rather basic cardigans, knitwear is majorly lacking in my current wardrobe. As with jeans I rarely feel dressed when wearing knitwear. I see it more as a means to keep warm than to make a statement. However the pieces below would make a well needed addition to my existing wardrobe.

ASOS £35

Not usually one for elbow patches but the stars add the fun factor.

Fashion Pony £20

This is sheer so I automatically covet it! It could also be styled in LOADS of different ways making it great value.

Olivia Rubin via Lunacy £95

Obviously I would never pay 95 quid for a jumper but this is quirky and if wearing it I’d just want to sing “Another Brick in the Wall!”

Warehouse £40

Pastel and lace, this is super sweet and I really like it for Spring.

Nice flat shoes are sorely missing in my house with my preferring heels over pumps. In fact I’d go as far to say I walk funny in flats 😦

However it’s not always possible to live in heels day in, day out especially with long walks now a part of my exercise.

Jeffrey Campbell £80

If I had a spare £80 I think I might be persuaded into buying these. They are the same shape as my leopard print ones from Next. I think it’s the colour that really appeals to me.

 Since a disastorous experience with Primark shoes that lasted a whole 4 hours before falling apart, I now tend to find that ASOS probably have the best selection of affordable pretty ballet flats and loafers.

The above shoes are all £25.

Are there any gaps in your wardrobe you’re finding it hard to fill???

If I Was A Rich Girl….

WARNING! This is a picture heavy post.

For some reason I’ve had the Gwen Stefani song “If I Was A Rich Girl” stuck in my head for hours so I thought it would be fun to pick out designer pieces that I would buy if I had the money!

I have been lusting over the Style.com coverage of PreFall 2012 collections in a bid to inspire me to lose weight in the unlikely case I ever win the lottery/inherit gazillions of money, I’d quite like to be able to fit into these clothes!

First up: Chloe

Oh Man! I think this is my favourite from the Chloe Collection

Reminds me of movies from the 1950s and 60s


Not a huge fan of the coat but my oh my the skirt and bag make my heart flutter!


Love the colours, love the boots even more.

 The contrast of black leather accessories with this oh so pretty dress = Divine

My favourite from the collection.


I’m loving all these dresses but not holding out too much hope for the high street doing them justice.

Adore the length of the trousers next to those shoes.

Alice + Olivia

Every autumn Iwill at some point, wear shorts with tights and long boots – my mother usually tells me I should be in panto but next time she does I will show her this photo. Out of all the looks I’ve featured this is probably the most ME.

Simply gorgeous. I would never have paired those boots with that ensemble but it really works well together.

Doesn’t every woman want to dress like this at some point in her life?!

3.1 Phillip Lim

The jacket is the main piece I’m really lusting after.

Wishing I could look this good wearing it!

Burberry Prorsum

This may be dark in colour but it sure lifts my spirits.

What I would give to own this….

Would catch every (straight) man’s eye in this stunning dress.

What do you think? Have I missed any stand out pieces from other collections? What is my make believe designer wardrobe missing?

In Trinket Heaven!

Through Etsy I came across Jen from Miss Bohemia and her wonderful range of whimsical trinkets and jewellery. Whilst you can buy from the Miss Bohemia Etsy shop there is a British website which also features Jen’s blog here.

Here’s what Jen had to say when I asked about her products: I create jewellery and accessories and am inspired by nature, art, books, life and fairytales.

I have recently introduced a new accessory range which includes trinket & keepsake boxes and also fabric based designs such as purses and cushions!

My designs include bohemian glamour, darkly romantic creations, vintage and Victorian inspired pieces, Paris themes, Alice in Wonderland and fairytales!

Magical Trinket Box £6.50

Paris Trinket Box £6.50


Bookmark £5.99

Earrings £6

I don’t often wear earrings as I’m notorious for losing only one of them, but these super sweet earrings may just have to be my next purchase. They’d also make an ideal gift for a few of my friends.

LOVE Bracelet £7.50

Necklace £14.99

Needless to say I am lusting after pretty much the whole of the Alice In Wonderland range!

Elephant Necklace £11

Gothic Necklace £14.99

This is probably the most “ME” necklace, it’s black and a statement piece – I have to have it!

Phantom Of The Opera £17

The original non-glittery version of this is sold out.

So if you are after quirky, affordable jewellery please check out Miss Bohemia‘s website now.

*This is NOT a sponsored post  – I merely came across some lovely products that I wanted to share with my readers.

The Power of Accessories

It is always better to be slightly underdressed.
Coco Chanel

It is a known fact that accessories can make or break an outfit but who is to say how many accessories are too many??? Some people such as the ManRepeller and Susie Bubble can easily wear layer over awesome layer and rock an envious arm party whilst others such as  Keiko Lynn look amazing with one standout piece. My problem is that I feel the need to pile on the accessories to look how I feel a “proper” fashion blogger should, more often than not though I end up feeling like a twonk. Having said that if I don’t have any accessories I feel practically naked! I have a wide array of bracelets and bangles and frequently sport an arm party but will try to keep the rest of my accessories to a minimum, on other days I feel good piling on the necklaces and rings whilst wearing statement shoes or a bag.

Every time a woman leaves off something she looks better, but every time a man leaves off something he looks worse.  ~Will Rogers

I love my hat collection as well, it has taken me a long time to find the right styles of hats so when I do find a sequinned beenie hat I tend to buy it in multiple colours. I also have a floppy 70s style hat (which everyone takes the piss outta me for wearing) and a very girlie lilac lace trilby.

My gorgeous niece wearing my hat!

The great Nina Garcia in her book The One Hundred says that animal print accessories should be kept to a minimum, one piece only- Whilst I agree with alot of what she says in the book, I have to disagree with this. I love to mix up my animal prints. Right now I’m wearing zebra print flats from Garage and a black blazer with snakeskin print cuffs from Sainsburys. With my love of animal prints how can I not mix them occasionally?!

Sunglasses are another accessory that can make an outfit feel dressed. I live for summer so I can wear my 6 or 7 pairs of sunglasses, I can be feeling awful but throw on a pair of sunnies and I can brave the world! I was distraught when my favourite pair, Jean Paul Gaultier ones, broke – a friend even said it was the end of an era because for years everytime the sun shone I wore those shades, those bad boys had seen me through alot of good and bad times. Geek chic glasses can also add to certain outfits but I don’t tend to wear them very often as I feel they have been worn to death by celebs and non-celebs alike.

My unconventional sunglasses holder

In the photo below I’m wearing a belt, cocktail ring, two bangles and a necklace along with a fairly statement bag (unseen) is that too many accessories?? Then and there I would have said no but I could wear the same outfit tomorrow and remove the bangles as I feel they are too much.

Also does dramatic hair and/or makeup have an effect on how many accessories you wear?? Is it just trial and error when it comes to accessories??