What’s In My Bag???

Having checked my all the posts on here I’ve realised the blog isn’t very personal, there isn’t very much about ME in it so let’s rectify that fact right now!

I am a handbag addict – at the last count I had over 80 but am pretty sure it’s closer to 100 now. I have mostly high street bags with a few designer ones thrown in and usually have a few favourites I use more than others.I usually change my handbag every day depending on the outfit and I’ve never been able to understand these women who only own 2 or 3 bags. They have an everyday bag and one for special occasions – how is it possible to find a bag that goes with every single outfit in your wardrobe?!?! Some of my bags I haven’t used in years but would hate to give them away in case I ever did need to use them, chances of that are slim but imagine the horror if I put a new outfit together and didn’t have a bag to compliment it

My all time favourite is my Paul’s Boutique bag. I had a rant on my old blog about Paul’s Boutique as a brand and I had to wonder if I was too old to be sporting one of their bags, however, I love the classic shape of my bag and the sparkles make it a bit different. In fact I’ve never seen anybody with the same one as me.

I ❤ the leopard print lining

So for anybody who may be curious this is the junk I generally have in my bag at all/most times:

My notebook: How pretty is this?! This contains all kinda random scribblings and blog post ideas!

My purse: It’s what I refer to as a “Mummy Purse” and because it’s zebra print I loooooooove it even more. My sister gave me it for Christmas last year.

My Lulu Guinness make up bag: This holds my everyday makeup and i have a mahoosive box for the rest of the cosmetics that make my face look prettier!

My Paul’s Boutique perfume canister: I featured this here a few weeks back

My mini sewing kit: My granny gave me this and it’s so cute! It’s the kinda thing that a (studying) fashion stylist should always have in her bag but honestly I’ve never had the need to use it yet. I’m actually looking forward to the day when a button falls off my coat and I can repair it right there and then.

handbag pen that I’ve had for years, THE tastiest lip balm and this kitsch little Barbie mirror.


So that’s what I carry around with me.

Don’t know whether to do a make up bag post soon????


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