It’s All In The Brows

   I remember when I first started experimenting with makeup several (ahem) years ago, I could spend hours messing around with eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, liptsicks, blushers  – pretty much all types of makeup. I clearly thought I was the bees knees however photos tell a different story. Whilst I was confident experimenting with cosmetics I never really “did” anything with my eyebrows beyond plucking them ridiculously thin. I think that’s something that most teenage girls do at one point or another as I can remember friends of mine taking the piss outta anyone who hadn’t dared to near obliterate their natural eye brow shape.

Ridiculously thin brows

I have tried to expel this image from my memory – what was I thinking?! The almost non existent brows, the see through top and spotty bra, the hair scraped back like that, the lack of accessories. The list goes on. What’s scary to me is that I wasn’t even in my teens here, surely I should’ve grown into “grown up” eyebrows by now?? (Also the pint in the background isn’t mines I promise!)

A few girls I knew were prone to shaving their brows completely and drawing them on – a  “trick” still practiced by chavvy girls i.e. Cher Lloyd

There are no words!

With the rapidly rising popularity of fuller, thick brows there comes (excuse the pun) a fine line in displaying the correct levels of thickness. Nobody wants to look like they have two caterpillars nesting on their face whilst harsh drawn on brows, a la Jordan, are equally as off putting.


A great way to rectify years of overplucking brows is fill them in with either shadows or pencils. My personal favourite is my HD brow palette.

I tend to use the 2nd lightest shade


Please find a selection of the best and worst celebrity eyebrows:

Arguably the best brows in the business

Camilla Belle has arguably the best brows in the business. Thick but not overpowering these are a real vocal point on her face and accentuate her natural beauty.

Eva Mendes always seems to have perfectly groomed brows

Keira’s brows are slightly thicker but still gorgeous and beautifully shaped

Another of my girl crushes Mila Kunis, I ❤ her eyebrows!

Sienna’s dark brows and blonde hair raised alot of comments, personally I’m a fan of this bold look

And now for the BAD!!!

Scouse Brow courtesy of Desperate Scousewives – what the actual f**k?!?!

Oh dear! has Beth Ditto taken inspiration from drag queens?

Looks like Misha B has been at the marker pen

Yeah this mighta been a few years ago but mwahahahaha Peaches Geldof sure looks like a twonk

Thankfully I have embraced the fuller brow accompanied with an elegant shape (or at least I think so!)


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