Etsy Pick Of The Week

What can I say so many amazing new Etsy shops I’ve discovered this week and I’ve managed to whittle my favourite down to moderntribes who handmake amazing raw looking pieces of jewellery. Based in Singapore but able to ship to the UK without the usually extortionate shipping fees (expect to pay around £3.50 per piece unless buying multiple pieces).

The fashion forward pieces include necklaces, arm harness, metal collars and rings. All the jewellery is made from scrap metal – hence the super trendy raw edges – which means stylish AND environmentally friendly!

Prices start from £11 which is great value for unusual pieces that will become a talking point of any outfit. Below are my picks but please check out the site for yourself:









The pointy collar is my favourite of the pieces and could be worn to freshen up so many pieces of my existing wardrobe. Dammit being Christmas time otherwise I’d be buying this as a little treat for myself 😉



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