And The Search Continues…….

For the past 2 years I have been searching unsuccessfully for what I term as THE PERFECT LACE DRESS. I have a cute black lace dress which is my failsafe LBD and I adore my cream Pearl Lowe lace number. I am seeking a different colour, perhaps red or navy or deep purple.

Dodgy/drunken shot of my LBD

Friends randomly phone/text to tell me of lace dresses, I excitedly check them out in the vain hope that the elusive dress is within reach but alas no, not even close. This is partly my own fault as I am ever so particular about THE PERFECT LACE DRESS after seeing the stunning red lace dress as part of Erdem’s Spring 2011 RTW collection.

The high street is awash with lace dresses but none seem to fit the bill unfortunately, I am on a ridiculously tight budget just now (i.e. SKINT)  and cannot/will not wear strapless as my boobies are just too big to pull it off/don’t wanna have to worry about flashing nipple. Seeing as I will never be able to afford the gorgeous Erdem dress, or fit into it for that matter, I decided with renewed vigour to find THE PERFECT LACE DRESS. Below are possibilities but still not quite right

AngelEyes Dress ASOS £25

ASOS £40

Jarlo via PretaPortobello £60

Blueberry Iced Tea Dress via Modcloth $47

Looks Like Vermillion Bucks dress via Modcloth $80

Oasis £50

Oh My Love dress via ASOS £49

The red Jarlo number is probably closest to what I’m looking for and I adored the mullet hem one from ASOS but unfortunately it doesn’t come in my size!

So my search continues……. recommendations/suggestions welcome!




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