My Christmas WishList

Usually around this time of year I start getting really excited about Christmas – the festive window displays, outdoor ice skating (not advisable after a few mulled wines), finding the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest. Unfortunately this year I seem to be rather glum about Christmas, maybe I’m finally growing up or more than likely it’s because I don’t have my usual level of income to spend.

I may have previously have mentioned what a spoilt little bitch I am (it really is ridiculous but I blame the Mother) but even my parents are saying about cutting back this year instead of spending ludicrous amounts of money on a whole bunch of stuff that we don’t even need.

I’m not really crafty so have ruled out making any gifts (my 4-year-old niece could produce better than I could) so need to start looking for much less expensive presents – it just feels so blah!


To pull me out of my Christmas slump I’ve complied my wishlist just incase Santa decides to read this

14" from The Cambridge Satchel Company £81

How lustworthy is this bag?! A true classic that never goes out of style, I picked the red because it would work well with my existing wardrobe and I quite often receive compliments when wearing red!

Eau De Star

As much as I own and wear about 12 fragrances I think this is probably my signature scent. For some reason it’s not on the official Thierry Mugler website (bizarre much??) so I’ve tracked this down at SemiChem for a very reasonable £32.99

The 3 pieces of jewellery are courtesy of Running With Scissors via The necklaces are $20 which is around £13ish and the ring makes me laugh SO much as it’s very appropriate for me according to my friends!

This Irregular Choice laptop bag (£47) is very sweet and would save me from tryna squish everything into my normal handbag

WOW!!!!!!!! A Lancome advent calendar for £80 yup I want me a piece of that unfortunately when dropping “discreet” hints to the Mother she basically told me to piss off. How can I not have this in my life though???



No doubt when i eventually begin buying Christmas presents I’ll find more things that I want! Luckily my birthday is also in December so I get a whole load of presents in one go


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