Skint Girls Guide to Christmas

Christmas seems to get more and more expensive every year yet I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be making cutbacks this year. I’ve already attempted to slash the amount of money I spend on my 4 year old niece as it’s ridiculous when all the family buy her so much stuff that there isn’t space for/ isn’t really needed. For the past 2 or 3 years a few of my frends decided to put a cap on the money we were spending on gifts for each other which means you have to be more inventive when it come to buying gifts. I’m not in any way creative so making things is outta the question!

So with all of this is mind I’ve had a look around the online for various gifts suitable for the females in your life be it sister/best friend/cousin etc

Anthropologie £15

This little notebook is lovely – I actually bought one for a workmate’s birthday a while ago and needless to say she adored it.

Asos £20

If I could wear watches (I can’t, they just break for no reason!) I’d want this one, it’s simple but not boring and would go with everything as it’s so sweet.

Waterstones £18.95

Whilst I may have popped this in here because I want it, this is still a great gift for the fashionista in your life.

Find Me A Gift £14.97

This would do for my sister or my niece!

Paul's Boutique £20

I have this! My wonderful Momma bought me it last year although mine’s is gold not pink.

The fragrances are actually pretty nice and I’ve had so many comments on seeing the canister hanging from my Paul’s Boutique bag instead of the god awful charms.

Pearl Lowe for DP London £30

This mini candle set would look a treat in any home.

Find Me A Gift £14.99

Personalised girlie hip flask = win!

Why don’t more people use hip flasks?!?!

PrezzyBox £34.95

Chocolate fountain, ’nuff said

(Although I personally wouldn’t like this as I’m not very keen on chocolate, I know Shock! Horror!)

Stila via Asos £16

What a great price for these great lipglosses

Treat Her £29.99

Super sweet decorative cushion

Treat Her £20.97


Personalised Star of Fame, yes please!

urban Outfitters £12

This Stingray purse also comes in coloured leopard prints as well.

Urban Outfitters £14.99

Another fashion book that would spruce up any coffee table

 Thoughts? Have I missed any fantastical presents??

Liking The Look Of….

Just a quick post to show off my latest lusthaves found via the internet this week.

PretaPortobello £29

Motel Rocks £48

Schuh £70

CharleyBow £32.99

Forever21 £16.75

Lavish Alice £22

Mango via John Lewis £29.90

Lavish Alice £18

Forever21 £22.75

Love these as an alternative to the leopard print boot wedges that everybody seems to be wearing right now.

A|wear £16

This gorgeous faux fur muff would add a hint of style to almost any outfit. This is defo getting added to my Christmas list.

So yeah kind of an animal print theme going on, hopefully if I’m a good girl Santa will bring me all of these!

And The Search Continues…….

For the past 2 years I have been searching unsuccessfully for what I term as THE PERFECT LACE DRESS. I have a cute black lace dress which is my failsafe LBD and I adore my cream Pearl Lowe lace number. I am seeking a different colour, perhaps red or navy or deep purple.

Dodgy/drunken shot of my LBD

Friends randomly phone/text to tell me of lace dresses, I excitedly check them out in the vain hope that the elusive dress is within reach but alas no, not even close. This is partly my own fault as I am ever so particular about THE PERFECT LACE DRESS after seeing the stunning red lace dress as part of Erdem’s Spring 2011 RTW collection.

The high street is awash with lace dresses but none seem to fit the bill unfortunately, I am on a ridiculously tight budget just now (i.e. SKINT)  and cannot/will not wear strapless as my boobies are just too big to pull it off/don’t wanna have to worry about flashing nipple. Seeing as I will never be able to afford the gorgeous Erdem dress, or fit into it for that matter, I decided with renewed vigour to find THE PERFECT LACE DRESS. Below are possibilities but still not quite right

AngelEyes Dress ASOS £25

ASOS £40

Jarlo via PretaPortobello £60

Blueberry Iced Tea Dress via Modcloth $47

Looks Like Vermillion Bucks dress via Modcloth $80

Oasis £50

Oh My Love dress via ASOS £49

The red Jarlo number is probably closest to what I’m looking for and I adored the mullet hem one from ASOS but unfortunately it doesn’t come in my size!

So my search continues……. recommendations/suggestions welcome!



My Christmas WishList

Usually around this time of year I start getting really excited about Christmas – the festive window displays, outdoor ice skating (not advisable after a few mulled wines), finding the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest. Unfortunately this year I seem to be rather glum about Christmas, maybe I’m finally growing up or more than likely it’s because I don’t have my usual level of income to spend.

I may have previously have mentioned what a spoilt little bitch I am (it really is ridiculous but I blame the Mother) but even my parents are saying about cutting back this year instead of spending ludicrous amounts of money on a whole bunch of stuff that we don’t even need.

I’m not really crafty so have ruled out making any gifts (my 4-year-old niece could produce better than I could) so need to start looking for much less expensive presents – it just feels so blah!


To pull me out of my Christmas slump I’ve complied my wishlist just incase Santa decides to read this

14" from The Cambridge Satchel Company £81

How lustworthy is this bag?! A true classic that never goes out of style, I picked the red because it would work well with my existing wardrobe and I quite often receive compliments when wearing red!

Eau De Star

As much as I own and wear about 12 fragrances I think this is probably my signature scent. For some reason it’s not on the official Thierry Mugler website (bizarre much??) so I’ve tracked this down at SemiChem for a very reasonable £32.99

The 3 pieces of jewellery are courtesy of Running With Scissors via The necklaces are $20 which is around £13ish and the ring makes me laugh SO much as it’s very appropriate for me according to my friends!

This Irregular Choice laptop bag (£47) is very sweet and would save me from tryna squish everything into my normal handbag

WOW!!!!!!!! A Lancome advent calendar for £80 yup I want me a piece of that unfortunately when dropping “discreet” hints to the Mother she basically told me to piss off. How can I not have this in my life though???



No doubt when i eventually begin buying Christmas presents I’ll find more things that I want! Luckily my birthday is also in December so I get a whole load of presents in one go