Girl Crush #1

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a girl crush on someone famous- you know what I mean when you envy their lifestyles/looks/wardrobe but still like them and generally wanna be them?? My longest lasting girl crush is Rachel Bilson. Even as annoying “Summer” in The OC I have always wanted to be her.

Her wardrobe is to die for and she appears to have a privelegded lifestyle but still seems “nice” ya know. It’s not even the designer clothing that she wears but the effortless way she wears them that really appeals to me plus the super hot men she has in her life! Her make up is flawless, hair is gorgeous and she looks good day and night. Whether she’s wearing a plain tee or glammed up for a night out you can guarantee she’ll be rocking stunning arm candy.  Yup that’s right I’m smitten so here I have complied my favourite images of the woman I want to be when I “grow up”:


So who’s your girl crush?

I’ll post more of my girl crushes soon


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