Oh To Be A Professional Blogger……

Twice a year I tend to wish I lived in a different city – namely London or New York. That’s right I’m talking about Fashion Week! I’m often heard to be saying “This time next year I’ll be at (pick any designer’s name) show in London/New York”. Unfortunately due to my inability to save and my general scatty nature I end up sitting at home reading others’ blogs and copying photos from style.com for mood boards!


So….. instead of revelling in my own misery I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos (courtesy of Style.com) with your fine selves. What I wouldn’t give to dress head to toe in Jonathan Saunders all day everyday! These sheer numbers are especially appealing to me.


Jonathan Saunders




Girl Crush #1

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a girl crush on someone famous- you know what I mean when you envy their lifestyles/looks/wardrobe but still like them and generally wanna be them?? My longest lasting girl crush is Rachel Bilson. Even as annoying “Summer” in The OC I have always wanted to be her.

Her wardrobe is to die for and she appears to have a privelegded lifestyle but still seems “nice” ya know. It’s not even the designer clothing that she wears but the effortless way she wears them that really appeals to me plus the super hot men she has in her life! Her make up is flawless, hair is gorgeous and she looks good day and night. Whether she’s wearing a plain tee or glammed up for a night out you can guarantee she’ll be rocking stunning arm candy.  Yup that’s right I’m smitten so here I have complied my favourite images of the woman I want to be when I “grow up”:


So who’s your girl crush?

I’ll post more of my girl crushes soon

Etsy Crush of the Week

One of my all time favourite sites is http://www.etsy.com

The vast array of vintage and homemade goods is staggering and I have been known to spend SEVERAL hours kitting out my imaginary mahoosive house in my head with the splendid wares from various sellers.

It’s not just all furniture though, there are some real accessory gems to be found. One seller who has really caught my eye this week is http://www.etsy.com/shop/janinebasil who makes and sells THE funkiest hair accessories. So bad blogger that I am, I haven’t actually purchased just yet (I will as soon as payday comes around) but Janine’s feedback is100%.

Here’s my picks from her extensive range of eye catching hair pieces

Indulge your inner Cruella DeVille

I freaking ADORE this!

This is the piece I’ll be buying first, it’s “very” me!

Love, Love, Love

I wear this with this season’s pecil skirt and heels combo – it makes me wanna be a 1940s starlet

Probably the most wearable of the headbands

Add a cheeky twist to any ensemble with this cute creation

I think the reason these appeal to me so much is they are quirky statement pieces that don’t cost the earth. There are more outlandish designs that I personally wouldn’t wear everyday but they would look great in editorial features or even as part of a fancy dress costume!!!

Hope y’all liked this post, you should stop by janine’s shop and have a wee looksie!