Lovely to Meet You…..

How exciting my first post!

My name is Lea, im a 20 something from Edinburgh and I’ve just realised I sound like I should be on Blind Date/Take Me Out!

First off, this won’t be a daily blog – I’m far too scatterbrained for that but I will try to post regularly about fashion/beauty buys that I want and most probably won’t buy. I’ll also discuss/slag off celebrity style and post pictures of ridiculously over priced but bloody beautiful designer accessories. I’m rubbish at taking outfit shots of myself as my camera has died and I’d rather spend hard earned wages on clothes/alcohol/random crap than replace said camera cos that’s how I roll. I am very aware of my ability to waffle on so most of these posts will probably be a bit photo heavy for a wee while. I won’t post pictures of my dogs on here (why do some people do that?!). I will moan about not being able to afford pretty things. I will show some very unattractive drunken snaps of myself if/when inspiration runs dry.

Anyhoo…… there’s sunbathing to be done so I shall love you and leave you for now.

See ya



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