Big Boobed Gal Problems

I know there’s worse problems to have but how annoying is it when:

1. Buttons do this

2. Strapless bras don’t hold you in or they fall down/no support

3. You can’t go braless so backless dresses are a no no

4. Polo necks transform 2 boobs into a monoboob

5. Bra straps are always thicker than on smaller cup sizes so visible when wearing spaghetti straps

6. some stores only go up to an F cup (some only go to a DD!)

7. Bralets offer no support

8. Nice bras in bigger cup sizes cost a small fortune

9. Anything that shows a bit of cleavage immediately becomes pornographic


Thanks for staying with me through this rant

L x

Choose your words wisely

I’ve always loved a slogan tee but didn’t realise until very recently just how many I had. The reason why I like them is you can have that slogan present an image you wish to say without speaking. Or you can wear it because you like it and there’s no message behind the words!

I really should have ironed everything before taking photos but I’m in the middle of decluttering my wardrobe and there’s stuff EVERYWHERE!

The tee that reignited my love of slogans! I only wear this as pyjamas now but had it for years. I’m still searching for Mr Perfect! Tee is from Truffleshuffle

My most recent purchase is courtesy of Tallulah’s Threads and I obviously had to buy it as it’s pink, animal print and sassy!

Passive aggressive? Me? Never!

Bought from various places: SHEIN, H&M, Zara, Joanie Clothing, Miss Figa

This tee spoke volumes (and caused controversy in my life 🙄)

From Missguided

Any recommendations for cute slogan tops? Let me know in the comments

L x

Getting fitter, not fatter

I’m trying to get back to being more active, haven’t been to the gym in 4 months, so Megan and I have started walking again. Yesterday saw us speed walking around the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens and Inverleith Park so there was ample opportunity for me to take some photos as well.

I’ve set Tuesday as the day for the diet to begin as it’s my sister’s birthday on Monday and that will include a calorie filled meal for me! I’m hoping that by being more active this week it’ll be easier to stick to dieting next week. A couple of my friends are keen to start running and want to rope me in too but my fitness is horrendous right now. I’m happiest at walking for miles, love walking on my own with headphones in and music blasting or having a chat with a friend.

You can see from this photo that Meg was dressed for some serious exercise while I was not….

I’ve been to the Botanics hundreds of times, since it’s right on my door step, and each time I go I see something new.

No idea what this was or why it was padlocked but it looks cute!

It’s a tree that looks a bit cactus like, of course I needed a photo.

Since I knew we were walking I went for comfort although Megan cracks up that I still had a full face of makeup on 😂

Jacket: Debenhams

Jumper: F&F

Jeans: Missguided

Trainers: Adidas Gazelles

Any suggestions for good places to walk in Edinburgh? Let me know in the comments.

L x

2018… See ya!

My plans to blog more often clearly lasted long! It’s on my list of resolutions for 2019 to write more often so that may be on here or in my journal.

I know the date changing doesn’t really have any impact but I am so ready for 2018 to be over. It’s been emotionally draining.

There was a lot of heartache but it’s taught me more about who I am as a person and what I want in the future. I lost a lot of myself in that relationship and have spent the last few months getting myself back.

Work is a bit precarious right now but I’m not doing anything rash, I’m staying put for now and remaining hopeful that the higher ups will finally recognise my worth.

Now that I’m emotionally over my break up I’m focusing on me and it’s coincidental that’s it’s happening at this time of year.

Here’s my resolutions for the next 12 months:

  • Go on more holidays
  • Lose 2 stone- it should be 3 stone but I wanna keep the weight off and be happy
  • Date
  • Write/journal
  • Spend more time with friends and family, especially those I haven’t seen much recently
  • Sort out storage in my house- the makeup/skincare is taking over!!
  • Make memories which last a lifetime

And the most important


I’ve had some lovely times throughout this year and a particular highlight was holidaying with my best friend for the first time. It wasn’t a wild holiday at all but we had a blast and the best part was just relaxing in the sun.

I saw 2 of the loveliest people I know get married in January

I went to New York for the 3rd time

I’m hopeful that I’ll make some positive changes this coming year but I won’t be beating myself up if I slip up or change some of these resolutions. There’s so many people who are quick to point out my flaws, I’m embracing all of my traits and working to better myself.

What do you think of resolutions? Let me know in the comments.

L x

Life is a flower

I really need to get a blogging schedule sorted out…

….and have some witty titles for blog posts in mind!

It’s currently lashing down with rain and I’m babysitting my sick niece so finally have time to post these photos that were taken at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens last week. I’ve already posted a few of the photos on my Instagram and wrote about the delight my youngest niece had at seeing pretty flowers but had waaaay more photos to post.

My style at the weekend tends to be much more relaxed than my usual weekday work wardrobe but I still like to look put together.

I’m pretty much going to live in this beret until Winter is over….

So pretty!

As I knew Zara would inevitably have me trailing round the gardens 13 times I swapped the red Miss KG heels for some black pumps. Also had to rope Zara into taking these photos of me and have to say for a 4 year old she ain’t half bad!

My favourite spot to take photos is in the Queen Mother’s memorial garden as this fab little hideaway has a shelled wall background.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my look x

Unicorns and Face Masks

If anyone seen my Instagram on Tuesday you’ll know I had a difficult day at work and rewarded myself for surviving it by drinking Patron for dinner! Tequila Tuesdays are awesome until you have to work on a Wednesday. To turn my frown upside down I put on my favourite unicorn PJs and ranted to the girls in the group chat while wearing a Olivia Buckland X Skin Republic face mask.

These super cute unicorn jammies were a Christmas present last year from my mum.

Exactly what a gym ball should be used for!

This AMAZING necklace is from Frank loves Doll. I’ve had it for a while and had to buy one for my sister too, the only downside is the chain is so thin and fragile that I’ve managed to snap it.

I know Tequila for tea isn’t healthy but it was well deserved that night!

Any tips for a healthier way of dealing with a bad day??

Embracing the Belly

I ordered this top from SHEIN because I like a slogan as well as making a statement with my clothing. Also it is highly appropriate…

Knew it was going to be cropped but didn’t realise how cropped. Previously I was never body confident enough to wear anything cropped but as I’ve gotten older I’ve developed more of a “fuck you” attitude!

I recently had the misfortune of being laughed at while in my gym stuff. I’m not asking everyone to like me but if you’re gonna come for me then at least slate my character, not my looks hun. I try to be a role model to my nieces and teach them to be accepting of people and I’m proud when I see them not batting an eyelid at those with a different aesthetic. When I see someone bigger in the gym, my first thought is always “well done you, making a positive change”. Negativity breeds negativity and I don’t want to be a part of that. While I’d been pissed off at first I pummelled that rage into the treadmill which led to burning off more calories so I turned a negative into a positive.

This was a super casual look for me, like I would never usually leave the house like this but zero fucks were given today! Went for carvery lunch with Megan and ended up having an impromptu photo shoot in the car park afterwards 😂

That’s right I also had spilt toothpaste down my top but didn’t have the time or inclination to change. My sister said of this look “OMG you look tiny and about 12 years old with your hair scraped back like that and no make up on” I’ll take a compliment from that! I’m not gonna be going around with my belly out all the time now but I felt empowered doing it this time. I don’t care that you can see stretch marks or that my stomach isn’t the flattest, folk should be able to wear what they want when they want.

How freakin stunning is my Kate Spade bag?? I adore the colour and got at a massive reduction at the outlet in NYC.

Outfit details

Hoodie: SHEIN

Joggers: DKNY

Trainers: Adidas Gazelles

Bag: Kate Spade NY

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

How do you feel about exposing the midriff? Let me know in the comments.